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Welcome to Elorah!

Kip Kakel has been Elorah since October 1, 2023. The familiar childcare place for you and your child remains the same. Your child can continue to play, learn and discover with his or her friends as usual, together with the well-known pedagogical staff. This way we can maintain the nice, familiar childcare! Would you like to register your child for a branch in Barneveld or Scherpenzeel? Then you are very welcome.


Elorah and Kip Kakel reinforce each other

Elorah and Kip Kakel have many similarities in mission and vision. At Elorah, Christian norms and values are central. The Bible is the starting point and Christian identity is the common thread in the shelter. We are happy that your child can come and play at Elorah!


Annick 't Lam, interim branch manager

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New names for our branches

At Elorah Barneveld Parmentierstraat

Daycare available soon

We hope to start DV with daycare and a 2nd toddler group at Elorah Barneveld Parmentierstraat in the spring of 2024. Your child is welcome at our daycare from the age of 0. At our daycare we work with baby specialists and pedagogical staff who have undergone special training, so that they know exactly what your child needs.

At Elorah your child will quickly feel at home and very welcome. With Bible stories, psalms and songs, your child will become acquainted at his or her level with what the Bible teaches us about God.

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Questions or more information

You are always welcome to visit us to see if Elorah is right for you and your child. Or make an appointment for a guided tour. We would like to get to know you.

Our customer advisors are also available to answer all your questions. Send an e-mail to [email protected] or call (0113) 760 240.


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After school, my child can play and relax

At the Out-of-School Care (BSO) we offer your child a fun, relaxed and active afternoon after school. Learning new things by following fun workshops, getting some exercise or just relaxing with a book. After school, your child can play with friends and discover new talents.

A familiar place for my baby

Every child is a valuable, unique and precious gift. Your child will discover God's creation with amazement, together with peers. Your child will also meet his or her first friends at day care. No matter how small your child is, children learn a lot from each other. With various activities we ensure that your child develops at his or her own pace.