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About Elorah

Elorah is part of childcare organization Kibeo. We use the experience (since 1979), pedagogical expertise and solid facilities of Kibeo. This is important for a professional and qualitative interpretation of child development at our Christian Reformed branches.

Elorah has its own pedagogical policy based on biblical norms and values and identity. The pedagogical staff of Elorah have a Christian Reformed background and are well trained. Through the Kibeo Academy, employees can continue to develop and work on their professional development.


Every child is a valuable, unique and precious gift. With the Bible as a basis, children discover the talents they have received from God. Together with parents, we guide the children in growing up.

At our locations we offer a professional and safe environment where your child feels at home. Learning through play together with friends as a good preparation and addition to primary school.


We provide children a trusted environment. They get lovefull attention of our well-trained pedagogical staff with a Christian Reformed background. The Bible is central to our working method and daily schedule. We teach them to revere God and instill in them gratitude and charity. Of wonder they discover, together with peers, God's creation.

Our program is in line with recognizable habits from home. We actively involve parents in the development of their child. In addition, we encourage the grow of children in the areas of language, math, motor and social-emotional skills. For a continuous learning line, we work closely with Christian Reformed primary schools.

Our core values



We see every child as a valuable, unique and precious gift. We do everything we can to make children feel welcome and loved. This gives them the space to develop. With Bible stories and songs, the children get to know God's justice and love at their own level.

The children receive loving attention from our pedagogical staff. From the Christian reformational identity they teach the children charity. We teach children social skills to get along with each other in a pleasant way.

To trust

To trust

The Christian Reformed identity provides a familiar environment. We adhere to the familiar customs at home, such as prayer and thanksgiving at dinner, a Bible story and the songs we sing.

Our pedagogical staff give the children confidence to discover the talents they have received from God. Good cooperation with parents is important for the development of the child. We are grateful for the trust parents give us every day. In our collaboration with primary schools, we are in line with the identity and policy of the school, which creates a good relationship of trust.



Children discover God's creation and the world around them in amazement. We encourage and use this natural wonder of children in child development. In the activities we take the time for amazement. The layout of our locations encourages children to explore and learn skills.

From the Bible we get to know God's greatness. Full of wonder we look at creation, how beautiful God intended this and how special nature works.



Besides children having a good time at Elorah, they grow in their skills. We call this 'child development'. Children learn a lot at their own level through play. It is important that children are allowed to be children. With the help of pedagogical staff, they grow at their own pace.

For our employees, growth means that they continue to develop their experience and expertise. As an organization, we continue to look ahead in order to offer quality care and child development.

Safe and trusted childcare

Working on quality

As a parent, it is quite difficult to make a choice for childcare. After all, how do you know that the organization you choose is of good quality? At Elorah we are very open about our quality and we are happy to tell you about it. Your child is literally in safe and professional hands.

Pedagogical policy

When you choose childcare, you want your son or daughter to have a safe place with plenty of room to play, develop and meet other children. In the pedagogical policy plan we indicate the frameworks, vision and principles from which we work . We tell you what we do and why we do it this way.

More about Elorah

Would you like to know more about Elorah and our Christian reformed care and child development? Please feel free to contact:

Arco Grisnigt, director Elorah
E. [email protected]

Kees Nieuwenhuyzen, regional manager
E. [email protected]

Natasja Oggel – Van den Brink, regional manager & pedagogical coach
E. [email protected]

Alysia van Hattem – vd Kolk, regional manager

E. [email protected]

Nicole de Ridder-'t Hoen

E. [email protected]

Elorah is part of Kibeo
Elorah is part of childcare organization Kibeo. Would you like to know more about us? Then take a look at kibeo.nl.

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Supervisory Board Kibeo
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