Kinderopvang peutergroep BSO Eben-Haezer Oud-Beijerland Kinderopvang peutergroep BSO Eben-Haezer Oud-Beijerland

Christian reformed toddler group

What is a Christian Reformed Toddler Group?

A toddler group is intended for children from the age of 2 and is open per half day. Usually these are several mornings a week. With the Bible as a basis, children in our toddler groups discover the talents they have received from God. It is a familiar environment where your child develops through play. Both social-emotionally and with math and language. In addition, a toddler group is a nice place to play with peers.

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The Bible is central to our program

The toddlers receive loving attention from our pedagogical staff with a Christian Reformed background. The Bible is central to our program and it is in line with recognizable habits from home. Think, for example, of praying and giving thanks. We teach children to revere God and instill in them gratitude and charity. With amazement they discover, together with peers, God's creation.

Developing in a playful way with peers

At the Christian Reformed toddler groups of Kibeo, we stimulate the growth of children in the areas of language, arithmetic, motor and social-emotional skills. Good preparation for primary school. We actively involve you as a parent in the development of your child. For a continuous learning line, we like to work together with Christian Reformed primary schools.

Would you like to know more about our Christian Reformed toddler groups?

Feel free to schedule a tour without obligation to get acquainted with the location of your choice. Our pedagogical staff are happy to show you what we do at the toddler group.


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