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Cooperate with Elorah

Working together on child development

To optimally support children in their development, we work together with child-oriented facilities such as schools, municipalities and healthcare organizations and other experts in our field.

Collaborate with primary schools

For a continuous learning line, we work closely with Christian Reformed primary schools. We are preferably located in the school. This ensures a good cooperation and it is pleasant for the parents and children. In this way, the school becomes a familiar environment at a young age.

Toddler group, BSO or day care?

Our offer consists of toddler groups, BSO and day care. As a primary school, you have the choice of what is offered in your school. If necessary, a needs assessment is jointly conducted so that the request from parents is also clear. We align with the policy and identity of your school. Do you have specific wishes in this regard? Then we would like to talk to you.

We work with Toddler Start, certified programs that stimulate the development of the child. We use the method 'Bass in the classroom'. In addition, we offer a program with various Biblical themes.

How we work together

A fruitful collaboration starts with a common goal and sufficient commitment and attention. Every collaboration requires customization. That is why we would like to get to know you in detail first. In this way we get to know each other's background and motives, we find out where the similarities are and where we can strengthen each other.

Collaboration based on identity

Elorah works together with Christian reformed primary schools. In our collaboration we are in line with the identity and policy of the school, which creates a good relationship of trust. Employees at our branches have a Christian Reformed background and work from this identity.

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Direct contact?

Arco Grisnigt, director Elorah

t. 06 86 83 31 31
e. [email protected]

Natasja Oggel, regional manager & pedagogical coach

t. 06 86 87 60 02
e. [email protected]

Kees Nieuwenhuyzen, regional manager

t. 06 86 85 12 40
e. [email protected]

Government collaboration

The municipality is an important party when it comes to the development of the young child. On the one hand when it comes to supervision and legislation and regulations, but on the other hand also for housing and, for example, granting subsidies for (toddler) care.

Elorah is part of Kibeo. Kibeo has close contact with every municipality within the working area. Kibeo regularly receives various contact persons from the municipalities, such as policy officers or councilors at our branches. Kibeo gives them more insight into childcare in an accessible way.

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Collaboration in healthcare

Elorah is part of childcare organization Kibeo. Together with other organizations, Kibeo provides a basic facility in which upbringing, care, education and leisure activities form a coherent whole that all children can use. Every child deserves the chance to develop in a challenging and stimulating environment.

In order to provide the best care, we seek cooperation with organizations that specialize in this. Our goal is to provide childcare to as many children as possible. That is why we offer suitable shelter where possible.

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