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Christian Reformed
care & child development
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Child development with the Bible as a basis
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A familiar environment for your child

What are you looking for?

Fun, educational challenges for my toddler

With the Bible as a basis, your child will discover, together with peers, the talents he or she has received from God. We stimulate your child's growth in language, math, motor and social-emotional skills. Good preparation for primary school. In addition, your child may be a real child with us.

After school, my child can play and relax

At the Out-of-School Care (BSO) we offer your child a fun, relaxed and active afternoon after school. Learning new things by following fun workshops, getting some exercise or just relaxing with a book. After school, your child can play with friends and discover new talents.

A familiar place for my baby

Every child is a valuable, unique and precious gift. Your child will discover God's creation with amazement, together with peers. Your child will also meet his or her first friends at day care. No matter how small your child is, children learn a lot from each other. With various activities we ensure that your child develops at his or her own pace.