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Parents tell

Sander and Ingrid Polak – mom and dad of Maylin

Published January 18, 2024

Maylin Polak (1) has been going to Elorah Kapelle 2 days a week since she was 5 months old. Read here why her parents Sander and Ingrid chose Elorah and what their experience is with our daycare.

In their search for the most suitable shelter, the continuous learning path that Elorah offers was decisive for Sander and Ingrid. “With a view to Christian Reformed education in combination with the BSO that Maylin hopes to go to soon, our choice for Elorah was quickly made,” they say.

More than just shelter, that is beyond expectations

Initially, Sander and Ingrid only assumed daycare, but they indicate that Elorah exceeds their expectations. “Practice has taught us that it brings us and Maylin much more than that. The pedagogical staff who monitor her development through a KIJK! Registration for example. We didn't expect that. The pedagogical staff think along, give tips and take Maylin's rhythm into account.” When Maylin arrives at Elorah she already knows that she is going to play with the other children. “Then she starts beaming. And after a day of playing at Elorah she is happy and satisfied. She sleeps very well afterwards.”

“Suddenly she joined in and folded her hands. She had clearly learned this at daycare.”

Folding hands, singing songs and many more of the same habits as at home

Besides playing, Maylin also learns a lot. For example, folding her hands while praying. “We weren't really consciously working on it at home, but she suddenly joined in and folded her hands. She had clearly learned this at daycare,” says Ingrid. She continues: “We also notice that with songs that she hears at home, she learned them at Elorah and follows along with the gestures at home.” Sander and Ingrid like that Elorah is a Christian reformed shelter with the same habits as at home.

Pedagogical staff really know Maylin and respond to her character nicely

Maylin's parents indicate that the pedagogical staff really care about the children. They say that they really know Maylin and know exactly what their daughter likes and dislikes. “They know her character and respond to that in a fun way. For example, eating fruit is sometimes quite a challenge for our daughter. But at Elorah they always get it done.”

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