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Councilor Marco Kleppe visits Elorah Kapelle

Published February 1, 2024

On Thursday, February 1, Alderman Marco Kleppe, together with policy officer Colin van Koeveringe and Riewert Haak from the municipality of Kapelle, visited Elorah Kapelle and the Integrated Child Center Wemeldinge Kromme. During the visit they gained insight into the effective use of subsidy funds in childcare.  

The visit started at the Integrated Child Center (IKC) Wemeldinge Kromme, where branch manager Manon Tolhoek, regional director Ada Goedhart and school director Marnix Maljaars informed the municipality about the continuous learning path and its impact on the development of children.

Bee Elorah into Kapelle branch manager Annemieke Koenen provided a tour together with regional manager Natasja Oggel – van den Brink. During this tour, the councilor and his group met a senior pedagogical employee who explained this fairly new position. A visit was also made to the toddler group, where the children played games around the theme of 'Noah's Ark'. This fitted in well with the visible theme table at the toddler group. The visit gave a clear picture of the successful continuous learning path that can be found at Elorah in Kapelle.

Importance of preschool education

What was striking for Councilor Marco Kleppe was the strong involvement of childcare in the development of the children before they go to primary school. This is also called 'preschool education (VE)'. The aim is that all children are offered an equal start before they go to school. Both Elorah Kapelle and IKC Wemeldinge employ pedagogical experts who guide children in this. Preschool education is possible thanks to subsidies from the municipality. The purpose of the visit was to provide insight into the activities surrounding preschool education and to coordinate how subsidies contribute to the development of the children.