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Toddler group costs

We understand what you need

Choosing a toddler group for your child can be exciting. Because what is best for your child? And what do you feel comfortable with? You want the very best for your child. Then it is nice to know that your son or daughter is in safe hands with us. Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide childcare that suits your child and we can advise you well.

For the development of your child, we advise you to have your child come for at least two half-days. Do you want care for a whole day? View our offer for day care.

View the rates for day care

How much does childcare cost for my toddler?

€ 3,07 / net per hour*
€ 10.84 gross per hour

Suits you

Your child will come for at least 2 half-days of 4 hours
  • 4 hours per part of the day, then per half hour (within the standard opening hours of the branch)
  • 40 weeks a year
€ 2,66 / net per hour*
€11.08 gross per hour

Toddler care

Your child will come for at least 2 half-days of 4 hours
Best choice
  • 4 hours per half day
  • 40 weeks a year
  • For 2 and 3 year olds
* The above net hourly rate is an average, based on an annual income of €45,000.

Personally discuss the costs?
We can well imagine that you might like to be helped with the benefits and costs of each package. Contact us at [email protected] or (0113) 760 250 for free advice and a tailor-made offer.

More about Daycare Suits you

Daycare Suits you for an average of € 3.07 net per hour

Do you prefer the convenience of a shelter that is fully aligned with your personal situation? Then 'Day care suits you' might be a good option. Your child is welcome to play with for 40 to 52 weeks a year, at least 2 fixed parts of the day per week. A part of the day takes at least 4 hours, after which you can extend it per half hour. Childcare is available between 07:30 and 18:30.
If you occasionally purchase extra childcare on top of your regular childcare, you will pay this hourly rate for the extra childcare purchased with all packages.

The gross hourly rate of this package is € 10.84.

Additional options

Childcare outside standard opening hours – € 9.59 gross per half hour
The day care is normally open from 07:30 to 18:30. If you need childcare outside the standard opening hours, you pay a rate of € 9.59 gross per half hour. For customers in Barendrecht and the Hoeksche Waard, the rate set out in the reception contract applies.

Diapers – € 0.14 per hour
Diapers are not included in our hourly rate. This way you only pay for diapers when your child really needs them. You can choose whether to bring them from home or whether you find it easier for us to take care of them. If you want us to take care of it, you pay a surcharge of € 0.14 per hour.

More about Toddler Care

Toddler care for an average of €2.66 net per hour
At 'Toddler Care' your toddler is welcome to play 40 weeks a year, at least 2 half-days a week. A half-day for toddler care lasts 4 hours. At some established locations it is also possible to take a half day of 5.5 hours from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Toddler care is offered at designated locations according to the opening hours of the location.
The gross hourly price of this package is € 11.08.

Additional options

Diapers – €0.16 per hour
Diapers are not included in our hourly price. This way you only pay for diapers when your child really needs them. You can choose whether you bring them from home or whether you find it easier for us to take care of them. If you want us to take care of this, you will pay a surcharge of €0.16 per hour.

Included as standard

To make it as easy as possible for you, some things are included as standard with all packages in our hourly rate:

  • Varied lunch, healthy snacks and drinks
  • Sleeping bag and sunscreen
  • Your toddler will receive the best preparation for primary school with Toddler Start
  • You can experience the day thanks to personal messages and photos via the parent portal
  • Collection and delivery is always possible between your contract hours, regardless of your package
  • Good to know; your child is in a group with peers

Childcare Allowance

If you and your partner both work or study, you are often eligible for childcare allowance. This is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. The amount of allowance you receive depends on your income, the number of hours you work and the number of children you need care for. The rates at Elorah are gross rates, for which you will receive childcare allowance. When we talk about net costs, the childcare allowance has been deducted from this.

For more information and to apply for a supplement, please visit toeslagen.nl.

Help with allowance?

We understand that applying for childcare allowance can be quite difficult. That is why we are happy to help you. Make an appointment at our Service Office and we will support you in completing your application.

Additional allowances for toddlers

The government considers it very important that all toddlers have the opportunity to go to day care with peers.
This is good for your child's development, because here your toddler makes friends, learns to count, sing songs and much more! This way your child will be well prepared for primary school when he or she turns 4 years old.

To encourage this even more, some municipalities will help you cover the costs of day care. This applies both to toddlers who need extra support and to parents who are not entitled to childcare allowance and therefore pay a monthly parental contribution.

See what your municipality makes available for this

At the day care, the toddlers learn from each other and are stimulated in their development by Toddler Start in a playful way. This way your toddler is well prepared for primary school and the transition to group 1 will soon be a lot less big. That is why extra subsidies are often used to make day care affordable for all parents.

Which scheme applies to you depends on a number of factors; do you receive childcare allowance or do you pay a monthly parental contribution? And in addition, does your child have a referral from youth healthcare or not? For example, because he or she has a language deficiency. Check which (extra) schemes are available in your municipality!

Choose the situation that suits you below.

It regulations for childcare facilities applies to this*. View the general explanation on our services.

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