Elorah Bruinisse

Toddler group
We are located in the Rev. Pieter Van Dijke School with whom we work closely
Every day we pray, sing and read from the Bible
Employees with a Christian Reformed background

Welcome at Elorah Bruinisse

With us, your toddler will receive the Christian values and standards, as your child is used to at home. We always start and end the day with a prayer, we sing psalms and listen in the circle to a story from the Bible. As a result, your child is familiar with God's Word from an early age. Our activities are good for development and above all a lot of fun! And you know that your child is in expert and trusted hands with us. Your child is welcome at our toddler group from the age of 2. Feel free to drop by for one guided tour and find out if Kibeo is right for you and your child. We would like to get to know you, because you will be closely involved in the care of your son or daughter.

We work closely with the team for a continuous learning path Rev. Pieter Van Dijkeschool.

Chantal Otte
Branch manager

Contact information

Openings hours

  • Toddler group is open on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Note: Adjusted opening hours apply on some days. Look for all closing days in the regulations.
Day care center LRK number: 225077309 Meer info en download GGD-rapport