Childcare 10forKIDS continues as Elorah

Published November 28, 2022

Childcare organization 10forKIDS will continue from January 1, 2023 as Elorah, the Christian reformed childcare at Kibeo. A lot has changed in the childcare industry in recent years. Among other things, the complexity of laws and regulations has made 10forKIDS decide to look for a suitable organization to hand over the baton to. They found these in Elorah.

Elorah and 10forKIDS reinforce each other

At the beginning of this year, 10forKIDS started looking for a suitable organization to hand over the baton.

10forKIDS made this choice for several reasons, including the complexity of running a childcare organization. “We see many advantages in Elorah. Elorah has a lot of knowledge and experience within childcare. We also think it is important that the Christian identity is safeguarded. We are convinced that Elorah is a suitable party to take over the organization,” said Tineke Hendrikse and Nicole Colijn, owners of 10forKIDS.

By entering into a partnership with Elorah, 10forKIDS sees the opportunity to invest in the quality of childcare. In addition, Elorah and 10forKIDS have many similarities in their mission and vision and they reinforce each other. Both organizations are in line with the vision and identity of the schools they work with. Arco Grisnigt, director of Elorah: "Thanks to our collaboration, we can continue to offer the right care to parents and children and continue to work for the quality of childcare."

Reception at the trusted location

The trusted care for parents and children remains the same. Children can continue to play, learn and discover with their friends as they are used to, under the professional guidance of the well-known pedagogical staff.

Elorah; Christian reformed childcare at Kibeo

Elorah is the Christian reformed branch of childcare organization Kibeo. Christian norms and values are central to this. The Bible is the starting point and the Christian identity is the common thread in the shelter. Employees who support Christian/Reformational norms and values work at these locations.

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