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The meaning of Elorah and the logo

Author Johan Schouls, policy officer Marketing & Communication at Kibeo
Published August 19, 2022

What does Elorah mean?

Elorah is a Hebrew name and means 'God is my light'. God is called the Light in the Bible (Psalm 27:1). This Light represents life, the only hope and expectation in this world. “Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). Like you, we want to teach your child to know and follow this Light.

What is the idea behind the logo?

The design has a link with the meaning of the name Elorah: 'God is my light'. The shape is inspired by various forms of light: rays of light, a star shape and sparks. You can also see a moving child in it. This has a link to our service.

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Employees of Elorah involved in the naming

During the search for the right name, employees of the Christian Reformed branches were allowed to think along. A selection of various employees were directly involved in the design sprint. Other employees could share their opinion via a survey. Based on this, well-considered choices were made.

The development of the house style colors went in the same way. The Christian reformed employees have been very involved in setting up Elorah! We would like to thank everyone for their input.