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3 Tips to connect with your child's development

Author Natasja Oggel and Hanna de Waal, Pedagogical professionals at Elorah
Published April 24, 2023

From crawling and babbling to walking and talking independently. The biggest developmental leaps of a child take place in the first years. A loved and safe feeling is important in this. This creates a familiar environment where a child discovers, grows and develops itself. As a parent you can contribute to this.

Pedagogical professionals Natasja Oggel and Hanna de Waal give you tips to stimulate and support your child's development.

1. Provide emotional security with closeness and predictability

It is very important for a child to feel seen and heard. “A good relationship with parents or other adults in their environment is the first step towards good development. In addition, predictability and certainty are important for emotional safety,” says Natasja. Hanna adds: “A fixed daily rhythm and knowing who means what to a child ensure this predictability. That is why it is so important that we as a childcare center are an extension of home. As a Christian reformed daycare, a child recognizes the habits of home, such as praying and reading a Bible story together”

2. Give room to explore

Crawling around by yourself, grabbing toys and trying to stand. That is learning by trying. Hanna: “Give your child safe and challenging play materials that match the phase your child is in. Also think about freedom to try and challenge with simple games.” Natasja says: “What does your child need to take the next step? Is your child trying to roll over? Challenge your child with a toy to practice this move. Our pedagogical staff are trained to recognize these steps and give parents tips for at home.”

3. Provide a social environment to learn from each other

“Friendships that start at daycare are sometimes for life. Children are looking for social contact from an early age. To be together and to learn from each other,” says Natasja. “At the shelter, a child develops, among other things, by being allowed to be himself and learning to express emotions in a larger group of peers than at home.” Hanna: “By experimenting and experiencing themselves, they discover their own interests and talents. They also develop personal skills in this way. From a Biblical perspective, we can empower children to take care of each other and help each other.”

Elorah, the childcare that connects to home

Childcare that connects to home provides emotional security and is good for your child's development. At Elorah, children recognize the habits of home, such as praying and reading Bible stories. This is also nice for parents. For example, childcare is an additional learning environment at home and at the same time a familiar living environment.