Kibeo Kapelle Dijkwelseweg-13 Kibeo Kapelle Dijkwelseweg-13

Transport routes

Transport between the primary school and Elorah

The principles for transport are:

  • Transport only takes place on fixed transport routes
  • We always choose the safest route, there is no deviation from this
  • Transport only takes place from your own work area, children are not picked up in areas where Elorah is not located
  • In principle, there is no transport of children in the morning (VSO only at locations near/in school)
  • Transport covers costs
  • The transport costs are fixed costs. Refunds for unused transportation will not be made.
  • The provisions of the Childcare Facilities Regulations apply to transport.


In 2024, the rate of €5.26 per trip per child will apply to a transport route.


From primary school Juliana van Stolberg to Elorah Kapelle