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Omroep Zeeland Visits Elorah Kapelle "Reformed childcare is booming"

Published October 14, 2022

The launch of Elorah was the reason for Omroep Zeeland to visit Elorah Kapelle. There they spoke with Arco Grisnigt, director of Elorah and regional manager Natasja Oggel about social development and childcare for reformed families. In addition, a parent explains why she chooses a branch of Elorah.

Omroep Zeeland writes about this:

Singing psalms and reading from the children's bible: reformed childcare is booming

Childcare with the Bible is booming. Kibeo now has twenty branches that work from a reformatory identity, ten of which are in Zeeland. The childcare organization from Goes expects this year to grow to about thirty locations, spread across the Netherlands. The two other Zeeland reception organizations also see a growth in supply and demand.

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