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Childcare during the school holidays: De VakantiemiX

Come mix at Elorah!

BSO at Elorah is always fun! And especially during school holidays, because then we go the extra mile. We then celebrate the Holiday Mix. If your child goes to the BSO during the school weeks, he or she can also participate in a varied, challenging and, above all, active holiday program at the BSO every holiday. Nothing is mandatory, (almost) everything is allowed, because it is a holiday after all!

You can decide where and when your child plays. Therefore, register your child for the VakantiemiX every holiday via the handy Parent App or via the parent portal.

Is it not possible to register via the OuderApp or the parent portal? Please contact the Customer Relations department, we will be happy to help you.

Opening of branches

  • Elorah Apeldoorn – Open Mon*, Tue*, Thu*
  • Elorah Capelle a/d IJssel – open Mon*, Tues*, Thu*
  • Elorah Delft – Open Mon, Tue, Wed*, Thu, Fri*
  • Elorah Den Haag – Open Mon, Tue, Wed*, Thu, Fri*
  • Elorah Kapelle – open every day
  • Elorah Langbroek – Open Tues*, Thu*
  • Elorah Oud-Beijerland – Open Mon*, Tue*, Thu*
  • Elorah Ouddorp – Open Mon*, Tue*, Thu*
  • Elorah Streefkerk – Open Mon*, Tue* (only in the first, second and last week of the holiday)
  • Elorah Vlaardingen Johannes Calvinschool – Open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri**

* Open on this day if there are enough registrations
**Different opening hours from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m

Look here for an overview of all kibeo branches

Good to know:

  • The BSO is open during school holidays from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.
  • Do you need care from 7:00 am? Please contact us at [email protected] or 0113 760 240.
  • Your child can go to the VakantiemiX if he or she goes to the after-school care center for at least 1 fixed part of the day during the school weeks.
  • You always register your child, even if your child comes to the VakantiemiX at his or her own location. We will then know whether your child is coming.
  • Children from other locations can also come to your location during the Holiday Mix. This is because the VakantiemiX is not offered at all BSOs.
  • For all locations, if there are insufficient registrations, VakantiemiX will be merged with the daycare center where possible or an alternative location will be sought in consultation with the parents.
  • When registering for the VakantiemiX, you agree that your child can be placed at another location if too few or too many children are registered at the location of your preference.
  • The group composition can change per day at the BSO.
  • When registering for the VakantiemiX, you give permission for your child to be cared for at the location of your choice, in the group to be formed there.
  • A place for your child is guaranteed at one of our VakantiemiX locations up to one week before the start of the holiday. You can then request care as long as there is room within the occupancy.
  • Do you want to cancel the reserved care? If you cancel up to 72 hours in advance, the reserved hours will not be deducted from your credit for flexible holiday hours. You can unsubscribe via the parent portal or via the Customer Relations department.
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